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Three Days, Three Daughters...

An International Hunger Strike

3 Days, 3 Daughters: International Hunger Strike
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Three Days for Three Daughters is an international hunger strike to be held on September first, second and third. The strike is named after three girls who were kidnapped from their three mothers in Guatemala. These mothers, like hundreds of other mothers and fathers in developing nations, wait without answers, help or justice. This is just a sub-group of the actual site, which is found here: http://threedaysforthreedaughters.typepad.com. The intention of this group is to provide other livejournal users with a public place to record their strike experiences.

I created this community because as a mother of two children (one biological, one adopted from Guatemala), this issue is so vitally important to me. I hope you'll consider joining me on my three day strike. Please see the first post for more detail. Thank you.

*Please note: By no means is this community/strike serving to advocate an eating disorder of any kind.*